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"I am a nature lover and have enjoyed walking in the mountains at weekends and breathing fresh air since I was a child. Unfortunately, I contracted plantar fasciitis and had to stop because the foot pain was really bothering me. Then I discovered the Naturcontact shoes, after a few months my pain was much better and now I go outside more often again!"

Sarah Williams, 46, Manchester

"I have known barefoot shoes for a while now and after many shops I can say that the ones from Naturcontact are the best I have tried, high quality and good value for money. After a year my feet are back to how they were 20 years ago, that's amazing how much money I saved from expensive treatments (I had a bunion). Since I stopped wearing formal shoes and started walking barefoot, the shape of my feet has visibly changed and they have returned to a "normal" shape. Now I can spend much more time outdoors and I can spend much more time with my friends and my children, I am so happy about this and I am so surprised that this is only possible with the right shoes! It is obvious that I will only wear barefoot shoes from now on!"

Allison Hitchcook, 54, Warwick

"My wife and I are both keen travellers and have been discovering new places ever since we were young. As you can imagine, age eventually makes itself felt and this led to back and hip pain for me and foot pain for Stephanie. We researched and then discovered Naturcontact shoes that we liked and found it logical that we were born barefoot and therefore trying to walk barefoot again could help, especially because we always wore heavy and tight shoes that restricted the movement of our feet. We decided to give it a try as it was the cheapest among the many options and therefore worth testing. It was the best decision we made. Since then we only wear these shoes and always have a spare pair or two with us on our travels because they are so flexible and easy to pack! Now we feel young again and our trips are much more enjoyable because we have almost no pain anymore!"

Mark & Stephanie Stevenson, 67 and 59, Edinburgh

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